22 Aug

Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎), refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is done right after Maghrib (sunset) time. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to be consumed when the fast is broken.

Last August 9, 2010 my company sponsored an Iftar Dinner for  it’s employees and their family. We dine at Azur Restaurant @Al Raha Beach Hotel. The menu are consist of variety of Indian, Arabic and Continental cuisine. Everyone enjoyed the foods, (my mom can’t  decide which one to eat first). It was also a bonding moment for us and to meet and greet each one’s family.

Thanks boss for the wonderful evening of great foods.

My boss told us that over the years there’s a lot of people forgot the true meaning of Ramadan. Ramadan is not a month of food festival or even shopping festival. Let’s remember that it is a time for spiritual reflection, prayer and doing of good deeds. Fasting is intended to inculcate self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity.

Ramadan Kareem!

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