Welcome 2011

1 Jan


1st Quarter of 2010

Naging malungkot ang pagpasok ng taong 2010 interms of my career, after almost a year of uncertainty sa pinapasukan kong company because of recession isa na nga ako sa nakasama sa statistic ng mga unemployed sa UAE. I have no choice but to leave the country after I opt to cancel my visa ASAP rather to spend my christmas and new year away from my family and with no job. On the positive side I’m happy because I personally organized the 7th Birthday of my only daughter Kat. I enjoyed being a mom and a wife even for 2 months only. I decided to go back to UAE to try my luck and God is good talaga because after 1 week of job hunting may mga job offer na sa akin. I must say that thay 1st quarter of 2010 is a roller coaster ride for me.

2nd Quarter 2010

I started my job with my recent company, I’m very happy coz they offered me good compensation and benefits not to mention the super duper bait na mga bosses and friendly colleagues. The 2nd quarter of 2010 is very remarkable for my family aswell, my sister gave birth to a bouncing baby Girl and my moms residence visa also granted. Super blessed talaga kame and very thankful sa lahat ng mga blessings na dumating.

3rd Quarter of 2010

Naging smooth sailing ang everyday na routine namin, trabaho, bahay, paminsan minsang lakwatsa during weekend just to cope up with the homesickness. I start to apply for my vacation leave na rin kahit 6 months pa lang ako sa company, medyo kinapalan ko na ang mukha ko malay mo company will grant my December leave. I also started my online business on this quarter which is naging magandan naman ang result. Ang daming dumating na racket, super busy sa sideline, my weekend is occupied with meet ups with my buyer and outsourcing of products. Very thankful kay Papa Jesus sa mga blessings.

4th Quarter 2010

Tuloy tuloy pa rin ang mga racket during this time and I’m previledged  in joining Royale Business Club family (the official microbusiness provider of the OFW). Through this business I am able to help also some of the Kabayans here in UAE to earn extra income. My brother came back from his annual vacation and dinala nya dito sa UAE ang naiwang business namin sa pinas ang personalized digital printing business (personalized gift and corporate giveaways). I’m given a chance also to participate in Paskuhan bazaare held in Philippine Embassy Abu Dhabi. The event is very successful and through this our homebased business boozed its sales. How about ROI after one month? Galeng! Sobrang happy and blessed.

Welcome 2011!

We celebrated Christmas eve with my mom and bro.,coz  my baby sister and her family spent their holidays sa Pinas. My neighbors in Santolan, housemates and friends joined us in welcoming 2011 and to celebrate my kuya’s nth birthday. Eating, videoke, endless chikahan, eating, picture taking, facebooking, did I say eating? lol. I slept at around 3 am after mabitin sa isang boteng tequila hehehe.

1st day of 2011 (1.1.11)

It’s my brother’s birthday no more handa cause every single people on Earth gave him a party last night during media noche hehehe. Slept until 9 am when my mobile phone rang and ooopss it’s a call from a client. What a great start of the Year!

I hope we all have great year ahead. Be thankful for the blessings we had last year and praying for a fruitful, peaceful and blessed 2010. Positive vibes come in!


One Response to “Welcome 2011”

  1. Joyo January 9, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    mukhang napakakulay ng 2010 mo sana mas makulay sa 2011… more postive vibes talaga sana at more money hahaha! happy new year ana!

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