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Sayang ang Singapore Trip

27 Sep

Cebu Pacific is religiously having their Promo Fare round the year for budget travellers like me. The ever famous “Piso Fare” is always a blast, I envy those lucky enough to avail the promo. It’s really exciting to travel without compromising our budget.

I don’t have a plan going on vacation for this year, my family were here in UAE so I might save the Air Fare tix provided by my company and allot my remaining leave days on my daughter’s vacation in  school. However, I made a mock booking, just to know if I will be that lucky to avail the Promo fare.

After several attempts, constantly changing the dates of arrival and departure, I finally got the two way promo fare.  I just need to pay less than 3,000 Pesos for 3 person… It’s indeed cheap, as if I’m just going to my hometown in Bicol.

I always wanted to go back to Singapore since my 1st trip to SG two years back were less than a day only. It’s just a 22 hours stop-over during my flight bound to Philippines. I had a chance to visit my College friend Mau and explore the city even for few hours.

Me and my college friend Maureen

Sayang talaga ang Singapore Trip! My hubby and I were always eager to visit Singapore. We have a lots of friends there and must see places to explore.

Sana lang on my next vacation, Cebu Pacific will give me a chance to avail the promo again. For the mean time I’ll start saving money for my next SG Trip! See you soon Singapore!


Random FB / Twitter Status

25 Sep

My mom and I had a Great Day in Spa… It’s my first time ever experience these treatment: body scrub, whole body massage and aromatherapy hair spa. (yeah I’m a low maintenance woman) :). Thanks for my baby sister for the treat. I’ve just realized, It’s not bad to spend a little to pamper ourselves. So Relaxing!

I only have 15 AED left in my pocket and 5 more days before the most awaited payday. God really loves me coz I got 20 AED in my laundry. It saves me from 5 days of starvation hahaha… Lucky me!

We have a new pet at home, My daughter Kat named them as Blossoms, Bubbles and Buttercup, The Powerpuff Fish.

My Kat loves cooking as much as she loves eating. My Junior master chef cooked spaghetti for us, with my guidance of course. So proud of my Baby!

My daughter just started her School here in Abu Dhabi… I hope she can adjust easily to her new environment and may she enjoy her studies.

 I’ve just realized I have a lots of things to be thankful for. Everyday is really a blessings from God!


22 Sep

I was making a regular a rounds to my favorite blogs when I stumble upon this particular blog. This is about Life story of a Filipina Housemaid in Dubai who used her Boss’s (Maams) computer to manage her blog and share her stories. At first, I’m wondering if she (Sally) is the real Author of this blog, until I noticed the disclaimer stated that the author is actually not Sally. He/She just mimic the character of her.

It is actually written in not so good English (just like mine) 🙂 but you can clearly understand every bit of it. What is so special about her articles are the moral story that you will get in each and every post she published.

I didn’t know the author personally, nevertheless I want to recommend this to all of you especially to my fellow OFW in the UAE, for sure you can relate to her story. You can visit her blog and ready to get hook.

Kudos to the author of this Blog. Good Luck and God bless to Sally, if she really exist (we never know). She is indeed the voice of every Filipina  housemaid here in UAE.

Back to School

11 Sep

Today is the start of School year here in UAE… It means a more hectic schedule for me and my daughter. I need to balance my time sa home, work, sideline,blogging and FB.

My daughter Kat is so excited to go back to School, after 6 months of looong vacation. She came here last March after completing her 2nd Grade in the Philippines. This is her 1st time to study abroad and I think she need a little adjustment lang naman sa  bagong environment. Mostly naman kase Filipino Kids din mga classmates nya meron lang mga ilan ilan na ibang lahi mga Half – Half ika nga.

Mahirap din pala yung matagal  nagstop  from Schooling medyo ako yung worry, feeling ko baka nakalimutan nya na yung mga tinuro sa kanya. Puro play, computer games, and movie marathon pa naman ang inatupag nya dito. Wala din kaseng masyadong mapaglibangan ang mga kids… unlike sa Pinas na may mga Physical Activities.

As the School Year start, Maraming adjustment na gagawin. Need namin masanay sa bagong routine, or else I will suffer a lot.

  • Need to Set bed time limits. Lights out at 10 PM. Nasanay kase si Kat na late na magsleep so kailangan ng konteng strict. Madalas pa nga na pag pinapatulog ko sya ng maaga mas nauuna pa ko matulog.
  • Limit computer games and TV –  Remove the power cord if you need to! – This is more challenging for me, sobrang tigas ng ulo talaga ng kids pag mga games na ang pag uusapan. Isama mo pa yung mga favorite TV shows nila. Sobrang fave pa naman nya yung 100 Days to Heaven, medyo late na rin kase ang air time dito sa UAE.
  • Needs to wake up a little early than usual to prepare things she needs fo school. Good thing is walking distance lang yung house namin from School. Kung dati I woke up at 6:30 ngayon mga 5:30 pa lang need ko na gumising.
  • Need to budget my finances, coz I need to set aside money for  school projects, assignments and other extra curricular activities.
  • I should be more patience din, kase sometimes may tantrums ang mga kiddo, andyan yung ayaw gumising ng maaga , Ayaw matulog ng maaga, ayaw gumawa ng assignment.
  • I need to experiment din sa pag prepare ng baon nila sa School para hindi magsawa. Minsan kase ayaw na nilang kainin yung baon nila pag paulit ulit yung pineprepare mo for them. It will result to poor performance sa school pag gutom syempre ang student.

Bilang mommy sobrang excited din ako sa 1st Day nya sa school, parang medyo nakakapanibago lang kase 3 years ko din hindi nagawa tong responsibility ko para sa anak ko. Ngayon ko narealize ang sarap pala maging mommy… Sulit yung pagod, gastos and sacrifice mo para sa anak mo. Specially pag alam mong they gain more knowledge and wisdom.

Oooops It’s 12:30 midnight na pala… I should be in bed na dapat di ba? Till my next post… Expect more blog entry about my Kat’s School experiences.

Good Night!  Ciao 🙂