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26 Jan

Today marks one of the most important day in my life… The day I gave my heart to my better half. It’s our 10th Year anniversary! I didn’t imagine 10 years have passed really, It’s like only yesterday.

Thank you Paws for the love and care. For being a good husband and father to our one and only daughter. For being there through ups and down. I know we have lots of differences so please be patience with me as I am to you especially pag my tantrums, may mali mali moment…. for sure you’re use to it na hehehe

Thank God for giving another year for us. May you continue to bless and guide us in our future plans. Please Lord grant our big wishes… another cute and healthy baby. Thank you Lord!


One Response to “Page 26 of 366”

  1. Jr February 2, 2012 at 5:13 am #

    parang twitter lang aah.., 🙂 haha

    btw, i have a blog contest where you can win Sony PSP, P3,000, P1000 etc., 🙂 Join now.,
    and care for an exchange link?

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