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Thank You 2012!

31 Dec

Yeah! It’s the last day of the year. There’s a lot of things happened to me and my family during this year. God gave us so much blessings in 2012 and I’m very thankful for that. It’s been a fruitful year for us.  I am counting my blessings!

  • Family. Being an expat here in UAE, we are very lucky to have our whole family here. Not all OFW has a privilege of bringing their family with them, and we are one of the few. Thank you Lord! I’m still praying that the UAE Immigration will be more considerate in approving Residence visa for the expat’s family next year. The rules here in UAE nowadays is quiet unpredictable. May the Lord give us more years to be together.
  • I’m very thankful for all our jobs, Our Bread and Butter!  Our generous companies, for supporting us financially. It’s not easy to live here seriously, but because of our job we can still manage to support our family.
  • Friends, We are truly blessed with amazing sets of friends, really feel grateful to have them. Our extended family… the so called “Dimagiba Family”. Someone to laugh with, to cry with and of course to eat with. Someone who are willing to lend a helping hands when you need it. Thank you so much! Can’t imagine life without them.
  • Our supportive relative back home, my Cousins, Tito’s & Tita’s,  and of course my In laws. Thank you for taking care of my family during my absence. I hope we continue to support each other.
  • Our car, “KC”. This car is such a blessings in our family. She’s making our life easy, not only for taking us to all the places that we need to go,  but also help us  financially. KC is my hubby’s  Great Buddy. And of course My Bro. and Sis Car Fordy and Mitzi as well. Thank you!
  • Our Doctors for taking care of our health especially my Baby Kat. Our Medical Insurance for shouldering medical expenses. I pray to God to give us  Good Health in the coming years. No more sickness please, only healthy and strong body.

As 2013 approaches may we become a better person,  learned from our mistake, take all the opportunities that may come our way. And with the Lord Al Mighty in my side. I’m now ready to face all the challenges of 2013.

Happy New Year to All!

Christmas Collage


41st UAE National Day!

15 Dec

41st UAE National Day in Picture! (December 2, 2012)

_DSC0556_DSC0582_DSC0716_DSC0769_DSC0634_DSC0666This is how we celebrate the UAE National Day! We had so much Fun!