Arabic 101 for Expatriate (Lesson 2)

28 Oct

Hi! Everyone… I just came back from a wonderful vacation from my beautiful country Philippines. Now I’m back on track, oh well not really still on a vacation mood, but I need to move forward, need to focus myself on work, family, part time jobs and my blog!

Ok! As a continuation on my Basic Arabic Lesson, let us study about the famous phrases, greetings, sayings. It is important that we know how to respond when someone is asking us or we simply want to greet our Arab boss or colleague.

Here are few typical Arabic phrases:

Marhaba = Hello

Maasalama = Good-bye (When a colleague is leaving, you often hear of a “maasalama party” or a “maasalama sale” – basically a yard sale in which a person sells things they won’t be bringing home with the, e.g., DVD players)

Assalam alaykum = Peace be upon you (response = Wa alaykum assalam)

Ahlan wa sahlan = various translations: welcome, hello and welcome, you are very welcome (response = Ahlan bekum)

Sabah al-khair = Good Morning (response = sabah al-noor)

Masaa al-Khair = Good evening (response = masa al-noor)

Ismee … = my name is …

Min fadlak = Please (male)

Min fadlik = Please (female)

Shukran = Thank you

Afwan = You’re Welcome

Inshallah = God Willing (you will often hear this in response to anything tentative, when timing is in question, etc.)

Aiwa or Naam = Yes

La = No

Ismahlee = Excuse me

Mafee Mushkala = No problem

Tatakallum Ingleezi? = Do you speak English?

La Atakalam Arabi = I don’t speak Arabic


So, these are the few words that are very essential in our everyday lives in Arab World. More words soon!



One Response to “Arabic 101 for Expatriate (Lesson 2)”

  1. aurangzaib khan September 25, 2014 at 11:40 am #

    its really very nice site m aloot off learning arabic thankz ms.ana m w8ing for ur nxt time class dear..

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