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28 Mar

Whoah! 6 years in blogging! I know I haven’t update my blog for a few months now, but today i had this strong feeling that I need to log in after over a month of hiatus. I was surprise to see my notification from WP, congratulates me for my 6 years.  I really missing the old time, old blogger friends, old readers.

Thanks WP! I hope I can find more time to update my blog. See you next post. Its hard to make an entry using iphone. Seriously it took me half an hour to finish this short message. Lol

Happy 6 years to me!



Liebster Award

25 Nov

Thanks to Cris of Thumbelina’s Leaf for the Liebster Award… Ya’y it’s been a while since the last time I did this stuff.

Liebster is a German word that means “dearest” or “favorite.” Other meaning may include sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kinda, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. 

The award recognizes  new and upcoming bloggers  with less than 200 followers (or friends) who deserve the recognition and support for their contribution in the blogosphere.

In order to accept this prestigious award, one must abide by the list of rules which are:
Each person must list 11 things about themselves.

  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you must create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award.
  • Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
  • Go to their page and inform them of their nomination.
  • Absolutely no tag backs. Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

11 Things about me!

Since I’ve already wrote 10 things about myself, 9 lang pala since 1 in the list is not true which you will also see in About Me section of my blog, I will provide only 2 additional:

1. I’ve never been to Boracay. It seems all the people already visited Boracay except for me hehehe. I hope I can visit the Island soon, maybe on my next vacation.

2. I’ve got our first car here in UAE and my daughter named it sa “KC”

Here’s my answer to Cris Questions:

1. What was the last movie you saw in a cinema? How was it?

Breaking Dawn – The Final Saga. It was just ok for me, since I’ve read the books, so nothing so special but I love Jacob! Yes, everybody does 🙂

2. Are you a bag or shoe person?

I’m a bag person… I really love BIG bags… I always bring lots of stuff with me. I’m not comfortable going out without bag, I feel incomplete without it.

3. What’s your favorite sport (doing or just watching)?

I’m not a sporty person, I was once a volleyball player when I was in High School but I’m just an average (my hubby said they get me into the team only to complete the line up) very rude hahaha. In Olympics I love to watch synchronize swimming, very entertaining.

4. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

I like Little Mermaid… I’ts my daughter’s favorite, she always watching it ,so I appreciate and adore Ariel very much.

5. What can you say about the Gangnam Style? 🙂

Cool…. Can you imagine the 500 million hits in 

6. What’s your favorite country?

Of course, my country Philippines. Do I need to explain more?

7.  Would you cross the road like the chicken did? And why? 🙂

Hahaha… Yes, If you will dare me I will probably do that…. just for fun!

8. Are you dressing up for Halloween? What’s your costume?

Yup! We love costume party. I dressed like a witch the last time I attended Halloween Party.

9. What is your ultimate dream?

Just simple… Happy family, own a decent house and car, Travel,  good education for my children

10. How did your parents come up with your name? (still inspired by that post)

My name derived from my Tita Ana (my moms half sister).

11. How long does it take you to prepare when going out (for work or just going out)? What’s your routine?

In just 30 minutes, all is well for me… I can take a bath in 10 minutes, dressed in 5 minutes. The next 15 minutes for some other stuff like fixing my things that I need to bring, cleaning up my mess. I can do my make up in cab, jeep, LRT. Yah! Time Management indeed 🙂

Okey, It’s my turn…  Here’s my 11 questions:

1. Since Christmas is coming. How will you celebrate it?

2. Do you prefer cash or gift as an Aginaldo to your inaanak?

3. What can you say about Zoren – Carmina Wedding?

4. How do you find Online shopping?

5. Laptop or Tablet?

6. Apple Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?

7. As a blogger. What can you say about Tito Sotto plagiarism controversy?

8. Channel 2 or Channel 7?

9. How much time you spend in social networking site like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram etc.

10. What are the usual stuff you will find in your bag?

11. Do you think you can live without cellphone?

Finally! After like forever I’m able to finish the post. Okey I’m tagging the following UAE bloggers, I hope they could find time to do this. It’s Fun!

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It’s my 4th Year!

16 Mar

What a special day indeed…. It’s my 4th year in blogging!

Grabe! ang bilis sobra parang kelan lang nung unang taon ko sa blogging na nasundan ng pangalwa at pangatlo.

As I celebrate my 4 years share ko lang yung 4 favorite post of mine, mga post na tumatak sa puso ko at mga readers.

1. My Cebu – Bohol Trip – Very special sa akin tong post na to kase ito yung 1st out of town trip namin ng family ko… yung as in malayo, madalas kase sa mga malalapit na lugar lang kme nakakapamsyal dati. Ito yung unang sakay sa airplane ng junakis ko at ng mga pamangkin ko. Sobra ang bonding moment namin ng family ko , super saya!

Aside from that ito yung post ko na sandamakmak ang comment and till date pinaka maraming views. Feeling ko madami dami rin akong natulungang mga gustong mag travel and ang dami na rin kinita ng mga nirecommend kong driver and tour guide.

2. Pamilyang OFW – Super memorable din tong post ko na to kase ito yung 1st time kung sumali sa blogging contest. Hindi man pinalad na manalo yung entry ko It’s my previledged pa rin na I became a PEBA Nominee and also I had a chance share my experience being an OFW.

3. 1st Eye Ball with UAE Bloggers – Remarkable din itong post ko na ito kase ito yung unang meet ups ko with some bloggers from UAE. First time ko makipag EB and I enjoy it. Iba rin pala talaga yung magkakilala lang kayo sa blogsphere tapos nameet mo in person ibang iba ang personality nila may maingay sa blogsphere sa personal naman tahimik meron namang mayabang sa blog pero humble naman in person.

4. Balik-bayan box – Isa din ito sa mga paborito kong post kase para sa akin ito yung pinakajoy ng isang OFW ang makapag pa package sa mahal sa buhay natin sa Pinas. Priceless talaga pag nakita mo kung gaano sila kasaya sa mga pasalubong mo. I experienced din kase makatanggap nito galing naman sa Dad ko na isa din OFW.

Ito din yung entry ko na naisama sa talakayan sa isang pagtitipon ng mga eksperto sa lingwistiko sa Filipino na ginanap sa UP. Medyo nakaka proud din na kahit papaano na rerecognize yung blog ko.

I just want to say thank you for all the readers of this humble blog. I hope I am able to help you in anyway, entertained you and enjoy some of my entry. Sana lang I can find extra time to update this blog more often. Miss those days na sobrang active pa sa blogging and I can interact with my fellow bloggers.  I think my blog needs make over… medyo matagal na rin kase simula nung nagpalit ako ng header and themes. Kailangan ko na rin iupdate ang blog roll ko … karamihan kase ng links hindi na active. Medyo mga napamahal na rin kase yung mga bloggers na nasa link kaya I want them to stay in my side bar kahit hindi na sila active sa blogging…. but need to update it soon… wanna join my blogroll? just give me a shout 🙂

Happy 4th Year to me! 🙂


22 Feb

I wanna thanks Diary ni Gracia for featuring me in her blogger’s slam book. It’s really an honor to  be part in your roster of “Great Filipino Blogger”.

I just want to share this post to all aspiring bloggers. I know I’m not a pro when it comes to blogging but I think you can learn something from me as well. You can check the original post also in this link.

Name: Ana Sarmiento – Albesa

Url Address:

Philosophy in life: Always follow The Golden Rule.

Tell us something random about yourself:

A Proud Pinay Expat blogger based in Abu Dhabi UAE, blogging about Life in Sandpit. I’m happily married w/ 1 cute and adorable daughter who inspires me to work harder and be responsible person.

 Diary-ni-Gracia Ana-Banana

Diary ni Gracia Blogger Slambook


1.      How, When and Why did you get into blogging industry?

I started blogging way back March 2008. I used to visit blogniinday before and I really find Inday jokes very amusing. From this, I have a chance to visit some other humor blog just to be free from boredom. Blog hop… Blog hop, then I realizes why not creating my own blog. That’s how I started my blogging career (career daw oh!)

2.      How you came up with the name for it?

My old friend/colleague gave me a pet name AnaBanana! I’m thinking of catchy name for my blog and since anabanana is no longer available. I’ve just used my real name (maiden name)

3.      How long have you been here and what made you want to start?

I’m blogging since 2008, 3.5 years to be exact

4. Do you blog for a job full time? What else do you do aside from blogging?

No, I just blog if I have spare time and If I’d like to share something to my readers.

I’m a mom, wife, entrepreneur, corporate slave rolled into one, quite busy that’s why I need to manage my time well.

5.      Did you choose to start blogging directly about your chosen niche or because you just saw a good way to make money from blogging?

I chose to share my life as an OFW thru blogging. This is my online Diary; I write almost anything under the sun. My purpose is to chronicle my life so my grand grand children will know how I spent my life on earth.

If will given a chance to earn money thru my blog why not.

6. How much time do you spend on work related to your blog(s) each week?

I spend 2-3 hours on an average a day.

7. What do you find to be your biggest struggle as a blogger?

I don’t think I have any… … hmmmm I don’t know if you consider this as struggle, sometimes I  felt sad/empty  when month has past and I wasn’t able to write even a single post either my brain drained or I don’t have a time.

8. How did you get to where you are now with your blog(s)? To what do you attribute your success? and what is the next goal you hope to achieve?

My goal is to build another website / blog… maybe travel or lifestyle blog, (a dotcom maybe).  I want to learn how to earn money thru blogging also and I hope I can find enough time and perseverance to do my next target.

9. Where do you see your blog(s) and yourself in 5 years?

I’m still blogging about my experiences in life, sharing my knowledge, views and insights about anything. Earning extra bucks from Blogging.

10. One of the hardest things for beginner bloggers is getting traffic. What tips can you give bloggers to drive traffic to a new blog?

Just continue to create a quality / informative / interesting posts for sure traffic will follow. You can also generate more traffic thru referrals from another bloggers and readers as well, so it is important to build a good relationship with them.

11. What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start blogging and help them start out on a path to success?

Continue to develop your passion, enjoy it, and learn from it.

12. Describe your blog in 10 words

It’s just another WordPress blog straight from a Banana’s heart.

One Lovely Blog

10 Jan

It’s been a while since the last time I tagged for an award or sort of recognition from a fellow blogger. I used to do this during my 1st year of blogging, during the time when I’m more active in blogging (newbie days) and have lots of time in interacting with other bloggers.

I was surprise when I saw e-mail  in my inbox notifying me that I’m being tagged by a A Single Mom’s Blog. I think it’s time for me to explore the blog sphere and make new friends. Sounds exciting!

Thanks you Pinaymomonline for visiting my blog.

Happy New Year to All!  Better late than never

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Blogger Christmas Exchange Gift 2

23 Nov

Cute stuff above came from my monito / monita last year from “All I want for Christmas” Blogger exchange gift organized by Prinsesa ng Musang. (Until now I still don’t know who sent these to me, btw thank you, super like it!) Once again on it’s 2nd year, I want to participate and feel the spirit of  Christmas with my online buddies. It’s gonna be fun and full of surprises.

I’m inviting all my blogger friends to join this years “Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Blogger Christmas Exchange” Gift 2 , you can visit Prinsesa ng Musang’s blog for the mechanics.

Here’s my Dear Santa I’ve Been Good Wish List

Something small: cute stud earrings

Something big: shopping bag

Something cute: any hello kitty stuff

Something soft: cute pillow

Something techie: Nikon d3000 remote control

Something fancy: girl’s accessories

Something (insert your favorite color): green

Something wearable: Cute headband

Something you need: Blackberry 8250 casing

Something you can use for work: Organizer

Something sweet: kisses almond chocolate

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: Avon lip and cheek tint


22 Sep

I was making a regular a rounds to my favorite blogs when I stumble upon this particular blog. This is about Life story of a Filipina Housemaid in Dubai who used her Boss’s (Maams) computer to manage her blog and share her stories. At first, I’m wondering if she (Sally) is the real Author of this blog, until I noticed the disclaimer stated that the author is actually not Sally. He/She just mimic the character of her.

It is actually written in not so good English (just like mine) 🙂 but you can clearly understand every bit of it. What is so special about her articles are the moral story that you will get in each and every post she published.

I didn’t know the author personally, nevertheless I want to recommend this to all of you especially to my fellow OFW in the UAE, for sure you can relate to her story. You can visit her blog and ready to get hook.

Kudos to the author of this Blog. Good Luck and God bless to Sally, if she really exist (we never know). She is indeed the voice of every Filipina  housemaid here in UAE.