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Busy as a Bee!

11 Dec

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I terribly miss blogging but time can’t allow me to do so. Lots of things happened in the past, everything worth sharing / blogging however I need to prioritize things out.

Let me tell you what keeps me busy nowadays aside from being a corporate slave, a mother for a very clever slash brat teen age girl and a wife to a very caring and loving husband.

I’m a Student

  • I am currently enrolled in a post graduate program in UP Open University. Since it’s a Distance Education kind of learning everything was done online. It was convenient, yes since you can study anytime and anywhere you want but definitely not a walk in the park . Talking about the tons of reading materials, online participation, lots of sleepless nights chasing due dates for assignments and activities. I actually thinking of quitting in the middle of the term but glad I did not because I just finished my 2 subjects for this term. Now I’m in the middle of 2nd trimester…Hooray!

I’m a networker

  • I’m doing networking business thru Royale Business Club. I was a member of this Organization for a few years now and I’m loving it. I’m not earning millions yet but I think i’m getting there hehehe. I know lots of people don’t appreciate network marketing but sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone if we want to experience financial freedom. For me as long as you are in a good company, good marketing plan and good products success will definitely follow.

I’m an online seller

  • I’m managing fb page We’re selling personalized shirts, mugs, caps, etc etc.
  • I also have an active account in, an online shopping site in the UAE and other GCC countries. I’m selling Royale products and fashion accessories there.

Charity Worker

  • I’m supporting various charity works here in the UAE.
  • I’m a World vision child advocate. I sponsored one child name Princess to help finance her studies.
  • I’m a supporter of aluminum can collection campaign here in Abu Dhabi headed by Mr. Mike Manlogon.

I am really thankful to God for giving me enough strength to accomplish all my task. I wish I could find more time to blog, I can’t wait to share exciting stories and share my life journey.

See you when I see you! God bless all!


Mike and his aluminum cans!

28 Aug


Meet Mr. Michael Del Moro Manlogon

Mike is just an ordinary OFW here in Abu Dhabi, working as a regular employee of Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society. Like a typical OFW like me he’s earning just enough to support the needs of his family in the Philippines.   What is special about this man is his BIG HEART to help less fortunate kids in the in his country.

He is the man behind the Can Collection Drive here in Abu Dhabi, he personally collecting the cans from restaurants and groceries and put them into recycling.  By doing this he‘s able to help the environment and at the same time provide educational support to the unprivileged student in his hometown.

He is also supporting World Vision Philippines, You can see him joining several charity bazaars and flea market here in Abu Dhabi, proceeds of the table top sale goes to World Vision.


Mike has a charity bazaar on 21 September 2013, in Sheraton Hotel Abu Dhabi you can donate whatever you like (books, dress, shoes, used home appliance, furniture etc)

See, we don’t need to be in the Government service to help our less fortunate Kababayan’s in the Philippines, we don’t need to be rich and powerful to share our blessings with others. We can do it in our own little ways. We can set Mike as an example.

If you are in Abu Dhabi we can also support Mike for his fund raising campaign by saving your aluminum cans and contact Mike or myself to collect it from your place.  You can also save your old books, hardly used school and office supplies (pens, pencils, eraser etc,) then we can send it to the less fortunate students. Michael can be contacted at

God bless you Mike, may you continue to do your noble works. Please continue to be a blessings to others.

You may want to read other articles about Mike in the link below:

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frankdiary of Anne Frank

Iskolar ng Bayan!

7 Apr

While browsing my FB last night, I have just noticed this inforgraphics of the tuition fees of  leading colleges / universities in Manila. I just can’t help but be proud to myself that I graduated from the Universities which has a very low tuition fees yet has a very good education system.

Imagine during my Academic years I’m paying roughly around 300 pesos only for my 21 units subjects, Isn’t it amazing! I’m very thankful that PUP still maintain the same affordable tuition fees despite increase in all basic commodities.

tuition fee in the phil

Children are entitled the right for education, but how can we give good future to our kids if only few can afford good education. Of course we love to go to prestigious School like Ateneo, DLSU and UP, but how about  those families who have enough only for their food.

I hope the government will build more Universities and Colleges like PUP which offer very affordable Tuition Fees. A lot of student will be benefited specially the low income families who’s their children are very eager to go to college to achieve their dreams.We are living in a fast paced world. We need to mold our children to be globally competitive. Let’s shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Mabuhay ka Sintang Paaralan!