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Oh no! Singapore Trip Cancelled :(

5 Jun

Remember my previous post about my plan to visit Singapore and luckily booked 3 promo tickets from Cebu Pacific’s 11.11.11 Promo. I received an e-mail from them the other day that the booking was cancelled. Yeah right!… It’s indeed Cebu Pacific!, things like that is just normal for them. I’m just wondering why they cancelled the flight which will about to take place 2 months from now? How do they predict that the aircraft will be having an aircraft situation? hmmm I smell something fishy in there!

Dear Edgardo Albesa,

Cebu Pacific would like to inform you that your flight has been cancelled due to aircraft situation. However, we have mounted another flight which you may take in lieu of the cancelled flight.

Your new flight details are as follows:
Name/s of guests:
Edgardo Albesa
Analyn Albesa
Kathrine Ann Albesa

Booking reference no.: LYJEFD
Flight details:
Flight No. 5J537 on August 22, 2012, departing Diosdado Macapagal Internal Airport at 12:10PM and arriving in Singapore Budget Terminal at 3:40PM
Flight No. 5J538 on August 24, 2012, departing Singapore Budget Terminal at 4:25PM and arriving in DiosdadoMacapagal Internal Airport at 8:00PM

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please click on the ACCEPT button below if above change is acceptable.
Otherwise, give us a call at the following numbers: (+632) 70-20-888 or (+6332) 230-8888.

Sincerely yours,

By the way, I replied to their e-mail that I can’t accept the new dates that they proposed to us, they give me 3 options:

1. Re book – no charges within 30 days from the date of departure; Subject to seat availabilty

2. Travel Fund – Full travel fund of the amount. A credit account which guest can be use for future transactions with Cebu Pacific (may use up to 90 days based on the date of creation.

3. Money back – full refund of the amount paid and will be charged back after 60 banking days.

I chose Option No. 3, I want full refund of my money. They promised that it will credited back to my credit card after 45 – 60 banking days. In fairness to them, they are prompt in answering my e-mails. I just hope my refund will go on smoothly as promised.

I will update you guys what will happened next. Come on Cebu pacific! prove them that you still offer your passenger Good Customer Service contrary to what a lots of people saying negative things about your airlines.



11 Nov

Ye’y ang saya lang ng date perfect one. It’s indeed a special day today we’re going to see Britney Spears Concert for Free and I managed to booked my desired date for Singapore Trip!

Thank God for all the blessings!

Cebu Pacific is having a promo again 11 Pesos for Domestic and international Travel. Finally I managed to book my desired date…. See you Singapore in August!

You can still have the rest of the day to find your booking hurry up!

Counting down to 11:11 on today, 11.11.11. There are just 6 hours left to vote for the New7Wonders of Nature. Go vote for our very own Puerto Princesa Underground River.

Have a nice day ahead everyone! Happy 11.11.11 🙂

Sayang ang Singapore Trip

27 Sep

Cebu Pacific is religiously having their Promo Fare round the year for budget travellers like me. The ever famous “Piso Fare” is always a blast, I envy those lucky enough to avail the promo. It’s really exciting to travel without compromising our budget.

I don’t have a plan going on vacation for this year, my family were here in UAE so I might save the Air Fare tix provided by my company and allot my remaining leave days on my daughter’s vacation in  school. However, I made a mock booking, just to know if I will be that lucky to avail the Promo fare.

After several attempts, constantly changing the dates of arrival and departure, I finally got the two way promo fare.  I just need to pay less than 3,000 Pesos for 3 person… It’s indeed cheap, as if I’m just going to my hometown in Bicol.

I always wanted to go back to Singapore since my 1st trip to SG two years back were less than a day only. It’s just a 22 hours stop-over during my flight bound to Philippines. I had a chance to visit my College friend Mau and explore the city even for few hours.

Me and my college friend Maureen

Sayang talaga ang Singapore Trip! My hubby and I were always eager to visit Singapore. We have a lots of friends there and must see places to explore.

Sana lang on my next vacation, Cebu Pacific will give me a chance to avail the promo again. For the mean time I’ll start saving money for my next SG Trip! See you soon Singapore!


10 Oct

I’ve just got this message thru SMS and E-mail the other day… It seems to be the annoying sometimes freaky chain text/e-mail that you need to forward to your friends/family/ whoever you want or else you will experience bad luck… blah..blah..blah. I don’t usually into this thing  so instead of forwarding it, I’ll just share it with you… here it goes.

An interesting fact about October 2010. This October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays all in 1 month. It happens once n 823 years. These are money bags. Pass them to 8 good people and money will appear in 4 days. Based on Chinese fengshui. Whoever stop this will experience none.

Oh well! that’s something, I just thinking since I shared this with more than 8 people…I should receive the moneybags as well hehehe

Today is October 10, 2010 (101010) this may be just one ordinary days to many or considered lucky to others, maybe to those who availed the Cebu Pacific 101010 Promo or to those who celebrated their Birthdays or Anniversaries. What ever it is, Have a Happy 101010 to Everyone! Consider yourself lucky… Yes We are! 🙂