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When Pinoys talk, the world listens

3 Aug

I just want to share this article from Gulfnews, (the most widely spread Newspaper in UAE) published last July 28, 2011 . It’s not everyday we heard/read good news about Filipino specially in the Middle East, where the usual story is the struggle of OFW. This particular article is something that Filipino should be proud of. Here it goes:

When Pinoys talk, the world listens

Pulished by: Gulfnews, July 28, 2011

Filipinos have most accent-neutral language in the world, says survey, making them ideal for jobs where communication is key

Dubai: In a city of accents, where many struggle to understand each other, it may be best to find a Filipino to intermediate.

Two new surveys done by BBC and IBM show that the Filipinos have the most “accent-neutral language” in the world. And it shows in the number of call-centres cropping up all over the Philippines. Earlier, the Indian accent was considered the most neutral, in that most people from most countries can understand when an Indian speaks English. The Filipinos have now claimed that title, according to recent research by IBM, which shows there are now more call centre agents in the Philippines – 350,000 – compared to 330,000 in India.

In Dubai, most front desk, hospitality, reception and telephone operator jobs are given to Filipinos, headhunters say. “Any position which requires the employee to have clarity of voice and an accent that is neutral to most ears, is being filled by Filipinos,” Adrian, an HR manager for an international firm in Dubai, told XPRESS.

“If you look at the staff that man the Metros, the telephone operators for a majority of five-star hotels, receptionists at international corporations… they’re all Filipinos,” he adds. “Ten years ago, those positions were held by Indians. Today, the Indian accent has been put in second place to the Filipino accent.”

Mark Nevaro, a 28-year-old call centre agent from Manila, told XPRESS his background in learning the Americanisms of the English language have helped him secure his job of executive secretary in Dubai.

“To an American, the Filipino accent is very clear and neutral,” says James G., general manager of a trading firm in Dubai. “To our ears, a Filipino answering the phone is more understandable than an Indian accent.”

As Nevaro says, “Filipinos can easily adjust to different accents. We can talk to just about anyone in the world, from the British to the Americans, Australians and Canadians, and we’ll be understood. We may sound a little different from them, but at least they’ll understand what we’re saying. The accents of some of the other nationalities are so strong and harsh that the rest of the world may find it hard to comprehend what they’re saying.”

Multi-national accent

Lawrence Anderson, a secretary from Ilo-Ilo in the Philippines, says it was his background as a call centre agent for a Canadian service provider that helped him land a job where he could be coordinating with a team of people from all over the world. “Although there may be others who have similar qualifications to mine, I believe it is the clarity of my accent that landed me this job. That and the fact that Filipinos have a knack of being able to blend in just about anywhere. We don’t wear our national dress to work, and we’re very Westernised in the way we dress and speak. Naturally, it makes us the easiest people to deal with for people coming from all over the world.”


I have also quoted some comments from the readers: LOL to the 1st and last comment 🙂

Having read the article, I doubt if the team from the BBC or IBM really knew English. The Filipinos might have a fairly reasonable accent. However, their grammer is horrible. They fail to understand the difference between ‘come’ & ‘go’. They always seems to expect you to ‘go’ when in fact you have to ‘come’. On the other hand, the Indians mainly from Central & Northern India who originate from metropolitan cities like Bombay or Delhi have a better accent that is more appealing to the ears as well as grammatically correct. 
Bruce, Dubai 

Dealing with Filipinos is always easy because of their openness and culture. And the way they present things to customers is very encouraging from other nationalities. Being an Indian, I always prefer to speak with Filipinos at the reception than Indians. They are usually helpful in giving proper information in a business-like and ethical way. 
Harrish, Dubai

No doubt about it … also the friendliest and the most helpful, not to mention usually beautiful and sweet smelling 🙂 What a pleasure to be dealing with kabayans.
Norman, Dubai

Not at all. Filipinos in the first place and then the Indians? Are you serious? You just made me laugh loudly.
Sami, Abu Dhabi

For themselves, I think yes. But to compare them with other nationals? No. But for me, every nationality has their own accent which suits them. So it’s not that they are so special accent for Filipinos. I would say that they have a polite accent — because thay are polite people. Bye.
Shuja, Karachi

No, I disagree. Indians have the most neutral accent, but of course only the trained ones. I’m tired of hearing “My prend!!!!!” calls from some of my friends. But Filipinos are the most presentable people, much much better than Indians. 
James, Doha

I can’t get over that “GRAMMER” thing (Bruce from Dubai). It is my intention to just read the comments but that “GRAMMER” thing keeps popping on my head. Talk about people trying to look intelligent-but-they’re-not. Huh.. gotcha! LOL.

Odet, Manila, Philippines


Bed space

6 Jun

Marami na akong naririnig na mga kwentong hindi maganda tungkol sa mga Pinay dito sa UAE. Madalas pa nga akong makipag argue sa mga ibang lahi partikular na sa mga taxi driver na nasasakyan ko na ang tingin sa mga Pinay eh namemera o mas worst pumapatol sa kung kani kanino. Hindi ko naman din kase alam sa mga iilang kababayan natin kung ano ba talag ang ipinunta nila dito. Napakasakit na nababahiran ang imahe ng mga Pinay dahil sa mga iilang gumagawa ng hindi katanggap tanggap na gawain paano na lng kameng mga dalisay ang puso at busilak ang pagkatao CHOS!

Seryoso! Minsan hindi ko din maisip, dinanas na rin naman natin ang hirap sa Pilipinas, kaya nga tayo nandito para magtrabaho di ba? Hindi ba tayo makatiis na makuntento kung ano ang kinikita natin. May mga kababayan kase tayo na talagang gagawa ng labas sa kabutihang asal para lang mapagbigyan ang sarili, masunod ang luho,  makapag padala sa Pilipinas o kung ano man pansariling kadahilanan. Hindi sa nagmamalinis ako o sabihin nyo ng mapanghusga ako pero naman kase hindi ko rin masasabing kapit sa patalim ang mga gumagawa nito kase malalaman mo na maaayos ang mga trabaho nila dito. Pramis kung magtitipid ka lang dito sa UAE hindi ka kakapusin lalong hindi ka magugutom, mura kaya ng pagkain dito kaya nga lumolobo mga tao eh.

Noon akala ko mga exaggerated lang ang mga nagkukwento sa akin sa mga kakilala nilang ganito ang gawain. Wala pa rin kase akong namemeet na katulad nila personally. Until nga nung kumuha kame ng Flat naghanap kame ng mga tenants. Doon ko nalaman na marami rami pala talaga sila.

Bed spacer # 1 : Nurse, maputi, balingkinitan, 30-35 years old. May asawa (hiwalay daw?), may 3 anak sa Pilipinas. May dyowang Arab.

 Bed spacer # 2 : Beauty Consultant / Technician, maputi, chinita, 30-35 years old May asawa (hiwalay daw?), may 2  anak sa Pilipinas. May dyowang American.

Bed spacer # 3 : Accountant, morena, maliit, 27-30 years old  may asawa (hiwalay daw?), may  2 anak sa Pilipinas. Kasalukuyang 3 buwang buntis sa Briton na Dyowa.

Bed spacer # 4 : Teller, morena, maliit, 27-30 years old  may asawa , may  2 anak sa Pilipinas. May dyowang kapwa Pilipino na may asawa at anak din sa Pilipinas.

Sadya yatang malungkot ang mga pinagdaanan nila o sobra ang pagka homesic nila dito sa bansang to kaya siguro kumukuha sila ng kalinga at pagmamahal. Ayoko manghusga since hindi ko naman alam ang mga pinagdaanan nila sa buhay. Sana lang maging matalino sila sa mga desisyon nila, yung tipong hindi matatapakan ang pagkababae at pagka Pilipina natin at higit sa lahat hindi makakasakit ng damdamin ng mga taong iniwan natin sa Pilipinas.

Hindi pa natatapos dyan ang rants ko sa mga ilang kababayan natin dito, just recently I’ve just read this article in Gulfnews.

Three months in jail for one-night stand
Published: Gulfnews.com on May 19, 2011

Dubai: A young Filipino receptionist has been sentenced to three months in prison after she admitted having a one-night stand in the bathroom of Chi@The Lodge nightclub.

Her sexual escapade with a man she doesn’t know resulted in pregnancy and miscarriage.

H.S., 21, had pleaded guilty to all charges when she first appeared in court on March 22, 2011.

H.S said she went to Chi@The Lodge nightclub behind Al Nasr Club at 9.30pm on December 12 last year to unwind.

She said she was having drinks at the club’s bar when she was approached by a man who befriended her and asked her to join him on the dance floor.

“After dancing for a while, I excused myself to go to the bathroom,” she recalled.

The man followed her, according to prosecution records.

“When I got out of the toilet booth, I was surprised to see him inside the bathroom. I asked him what he was doing there, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he held me and before I knew it he was kissing me and leading me inside the booth,” she testified to police officers at Al Rifffa police station.

H.S. said she later had consensual sex with the man.

Records revealed that she was drunk at that time.

H.S said she doesn’t know the name of the man but described him as of average height and well-built.

“He was from the Philippines. He had a broad body and average height. His body was tanned. He wore a shirt and faded blue jeans,” she told prosecutors.

About a week later, she said, she began to bleed but thought it was due to her menstrual cycle.

She said she didn’t know she was pregnant and had a miscarriage until she was told by doctors at Dubai Hospital where she was admitted for treatment weeks later. Doctors who treated H.S. testified she had had a miscarriage. The Dubai Court of Misdemeanours also fined her Dh1,000 for consuming alcohol. She will be deported after serving her jail term.

Napajawdrop talaga ko… kase alam mo yun ikinuwento pa nya with Flying colors kung paano yung pangyayari. Kase di ba? bago ka pa  pumunta sa bansang to alam mo kung gaano sila kaconservative dito, alam mo kung anong batas meron sila. Hindi tayo dapat gagawa ng makasisira ng pagkatao natin o mga pagsisisihan natin bandang huli.

Haaayyyssst… What to do yanni! Wala naman tayong magagawa hindi natin alam ang laman ng puso at isip nila and besides malalaki na sila alam na nila ang Tama at Mali.


Ang nasusulat sa taas ay sariling opinyon lamang po ng may akda. Bato Bato sa langit tamaan ay wag magalit.