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Busy as a Bee!

11 Dec

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I terribly miss blogging but time can’t allow me to do so. Lots of things happened in the past, everything worth sharing / blogging however I need to prioritize things out.

Let me tell you what keeps me busy nowadays aside from being a corporate slave, a mother for a very clever slash brat teen age girl and a wife to a very caring and loving husband.

I’m a Student

  • I am currently enrolled in a post graduate program in UP Open University. Since it’s a Distance Education kind of learning everything was done online. It was convenient, yes since you can study anytime and anywhere you want but definitely not a walk in the park . Talking about the tons of reading materials, online participation, lots of sleepless nights chasing due dates for assignments and activities. I actually thinking of quitting in the middle of the term but glad I did not because I just finished my 2 subjects for this term. Now I’m in the middle of 2nd trimester…Hooray!

I’m a networker

  • I’m doing networking business thru Royale Business Club. I was a member of this Organization for a few years now and I’m loving it. I’m not earning millions yet but I think i’m getting there hehehe. I know lots of people don’t appreciate network marketing but sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone if we want to experience financial freedom. For me as long as you are in a good company, good marketing plan and good products success will definitely follow.

I’m an online seller

  • I’m managing fb page printsonalized.com. We’re selling personalized shirts, mugs, caps, etc etc.
  • I also have an active account in souq.com, an online shopping site in the UAE and other GCC countries. I’m selling Royale products and fashion accessories there.

Charity Worker

  • I’m supporting various charity works here in the UAE.
  • I’m a World vision child advocate. I sponsored one child name Princess to help finance her studies.
  • I’m a supporter of aluminum can collection campaign here in Abu Dhabi headed by Mr. Mike Manlogon.

I am really thankful to God for giving me enough strength to accomplish all my task. I wish I could find more time to blog, I can’t wait to share exciting stories and share my life journey.

See you when I see you! God bless all!


Royalizing from Abu Dhabi to the World!

26 Sep

I joined Royale Business Club way back 2010 here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. My colleague invited me for a sort of Business presentation, not a formal one, we just met in AL Wahda Mall ordered some pizza and discussed about the business. I was hesitant at first, because I was thinking that it’s just another MLM Company that after some years of existence, it will be vanished on it’s own.


That evening I studied the marketing plan, compensation plan, the product, the whole business itself. Then I decided to give this Royale Business a chance. Who knows I might be successful in this kind of business.

After I signed up they give me the kit which consists of Wellness and Beauty Products. I tried to sell the products to my friends and after just less than a week the products are sold out. I’m very proud of Royale products very effective, the product really speaks for itself, no need to make a flowery sales talk to your client.

Royale Kojic Papaya Soap and Royale Gluta Soap are selling like a hotcake and Glutathione Capsule are girls best friend. Because of these products, It boost the sales of my online store.


During 2011 till 2012, we decided to lie low in the business… there’s a problem in managing the stocks, since all the products came from the Philippines, it took a lot of time for orders to arrived in the UAE aside from that the courier charges is very high.

Thanks to the management of Royale, they see the potential of the UAE Market. After a year of planning and market research, they opened their very 1st branch in UAE. It is conveniently located in Unit 305 New Century Tower, same building with Day to Day (opposite Deira City Center). Abu Dhabi branch will be open very very soon… Can’t wait to see our new office :).

I’m eager to share the business with all of you, for those who want an extra income during their spare time, to  those who want to achieve their dreams. You may contact me for a business presentation and how can I able to help you to be successful with this kind of business. Royale offer it’s member free training courses, seminar that can truly helpful and very informative.

If you want to be a member of Royale Business Club or just want to order products don’t hesitate to contact me at below details:

email: anasarmiento_30@yahoo.com.

uae: +971 557382574

Royale ID: 64533709

11 Reasons Why We Love Royale:

1. 100% Filipino owned company.
2. The management team is committed to the company’s MISSION and VISION.
3. We have our own headquarters/building.
4. Balanced compensation plan (Hybrid MLM-Unilevel-Binary)
5. Wide range quality products.
6. HIGHEST SEALS of approval.
7. World Class packaging.
8. We are SUPERBRANDS –accepted in 88 countries.
9. We own branches, not business centres.
10. First Filipino Company to have business personality in different countries ( UAE, Taiwan, Singapore and soon in UK and South Africa).
11. Certified STABLE –built to last company.

THIS IS ROYALE!!! Royalizing the world…

R- Real
0- Opportunity for
Y- Young & old
A- Active
L- Leaders and
E- Entrepreneurs

royale produst